Advisory Board

Connie Chow Founder and Director, The Exploratory

Yaim Cooper Lecturer, Harvard University

Julia Elisenda Grigsby Associate Professor of Mathematics, Boston College

Kay Kirkpatrick Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Univ. of Illin. at Urbana Champaign

Grace Lyo Associate director of instructional design, Stanford University

Lauren McGough Graduate student in physics, Princeton, MIT '12

Mia Minnes SEW Assistant Professor of Mathematics, UCSD

Beth O'Sullivan Co-founder of Science Club for Girls

Elissa Ozanne Associate Professor of Health Policy and Clinical Practice, The Dartmouth Institute

Kathy Paur Ph.D., Harvard

Bjorn Poonen Claude Shannon Professor of Mathematics, MIT

Liz Simon Graduate student, MIT, MIT '13

Gigliola Staffilani Abby Rockefeller Mauze Professor of Mathematics, MIT

Bianca Viray Assistant Professor, University of Washington

Karen Willcox Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics, MIT

Lauren Williams Professor of Mathematics, UC Berkeley


C. Kenneth Fan

Julia Elisenda Grigsby

Grace Lyo

Ray Sidney

Bianca Viray

Lauren Williams

Founder and President

C. Kenneth Fan AB, Harvard, Ph.D., Mathematics, MIT

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