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SUMiT 2013
January 26, 2013
84 Mass Ave
Cambridge, MA 02139

SUMiT 2013
for sponsors

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Today, the K-12 math educational landscape is filled with math competitions. In the US alone, there are AMC, Purple Comet, ARML, HMMT, Math Prize for Girls, PUMaC, Math Kangaroo, MathCounts, just to name a few.

What is needed and what we invite you to sponsor is a new kind of math intensive event that inspires girls' interest in mathematics and is, in effect, an anti-competition!

SUMiT began life as an in-house event at Girls' Angle. At the end of every semester, club members would be presented with a big present for all their good efforts. The catch: the presents were wrapped in a box locked by two combination locks! To unlock, the girls had to solve a collection of math problems. Having designed 8 such treasure hunts, Girls' Angle has the experience to create a fun math-intensive event that involves all skill levels in a collaborative effort to achieve a common goal.

Together with MIT's Undergraduate Society of Women in Mathematics, we are ready to take the treasure hunt out of Girls' Angle to a wider audience. Beginning with the Greater Boston Area, we hope to establish an annual event that eventually has a national reach.

By sponsoring this event, you will be helping to encourage girls to further their study of mathematics by joining in the creation of an inspiring mathematical experience. Even more, you will be showing your interest in advancing the principles of cooperation and collaboration in mathematics.

Please join us in this effort to build a new paradigm for non-competitive, highly-collaborative math intensive events by becoming a sponsor!

From your company, we are requesting donations for prizes, although cash sponsorships of $500 are always welcome.


Girls' Angle & USWIM