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SUMIT 2020
April 4 and 5, 2020
Location: MIT



SUMIT 2018 took place on February 3 and 4, 2018 at the Broad Institute. Congratulations to all participants for overcoming great mathematical challenges. You are all champions!

SUMIT 2018
a Girls' Angle production
SUMIT Manager Rachel Gesserman

Math Manager C. Kenneth Fan

Math Writing Team

Gauhar Bauyrzhankzy
Matthew de Courcey-Ireland
Karia Dibert
Noah Fechtor-Pradines
Serina Hu
Calvin Hsu
Naomi Keis
Duk Hwan Kim
Robert Picard
Sahith Reddy
Christine Soh
Handuo Wang
May Xia
Marie Zhang

Theater Manager Amy Larson

Theater Team

Tess Carney
Karia Dibert
Jacqueline Garrahan
Raine Hasskew
Sara Gelles-Watnick
Fiona Lau
Juliana Laing
Sanjana Mandala
Heidi Mangus
Michelle Mantilla
Annie Miall
Daphnee Piou
Sahith Reddy
Pranavi Sai
Amelia Smith
Anastasia Sukharevsky
Ellen Sukharevsky
May Xia

Karia Dibert
C. Kenneth Fan
Rachel Gesserman
Amy Larson

Catering Baker's Best
Event Host Broad Institute
T-Shirts b*true Promotions
T-Shirt Design C. Kenneth Fan